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Analise Anderson, MSW, LCSW

Heart and Mind-Body Guide

analise anderson, msw, lcsw

I’ll join you in your journey to find greater happiness and satisfaction. We’ll figure out how to get you to your destination so you’ll get more out of life.” ~ Analise


Licensed Clinical Social Worker (Psychotherapy)

Selecting and hiring a professional with whom you can open up and share intimate parts of your life is a big deal. I get it! So, if you’ve not already, take that deep breath. That’s it. Here, you can learn more about me and decide whether my style, approach, and philosophy are right for you.

I am a masters-level therapist who is trained and licensed to treat the biopsychosocial challenges that make up our human condition, with experience doing so in hospitals, outpatient settings, in groups and with individuals, and in clients’ homes. 

My life’s work has been connecting with people like yourself and creating an environment where you will feel safe, welcome, and cared for. 

I am energized by meeting new people and working together to craft a plan for action and growth, and partner best with folks who are willing to be a little vulnerable and put some work in, knowing that this will lead to better and faster results. 

One of my greatest skills lies in being able to recognize that you are not an island; you are a person within an environment and I will work with all the pieces that make up your existence, not against them. 

You can trust that I will not judge you or tell you how I think you should live your life- my only goal is to get you to your goals, so you can get on with it.

You deserve a bulldog when it comes to fighting for your relationship. Our clients expect a “tell you how it is” therapist. They want us to bring a realness to sessions and ensure that the voice of the relationship is heard.

Consequently, we offer a unique approach to couples’ work. Unlike many couples counselors who orchestrate sessions as if doing individual therapy with two people in the room, which often contributes to failed treatment, your sessions focus on the dance that occurs between you. 

You can trust that your vital issues will be addressed and QUICKLY! We want to help you get to where you want to go as fast as possible.

That’s what makes us unique!

Why I Love What I Do

"Everyone deserves to feel like they belong."

Reignite that flame!

“At A Path to Wellness, we recognize you deserve strategies that reflect your own unique set of circumstances. We strive to identify where you want to go while honoring where you’ve been.” ~Analise

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