Meditation Techniques

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Meditation’s physical and emotional benefits

  • Lower blood pressure, 
  • better pain control, 
  • improved sleep, 
  • reduced anxiety,  
  • enhanced emotional well-being,
  • effective stress-management and health maintenance tool
  • a more connected life. 

The Body Scan

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The Body Scan: systematically noticing and relaxing your body.

  • Start with your head and move down to your feet, or start at your feet and work up to your head. 
  • Focusing on each region of the body.
  • Notice how it feels.
  • Notice any pain or tension being held.
  • Imagine letting go of that tension or invite your that area of your body to relax and release. 
  • It can also help to focus on the front of your body, then the back of your body. And then from outside your body to inside. 
  • Then noticing and appreciating your body as a whole.

Follow Your Breath

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The Healing Power of Breath

Find a comfortable position in a safe, quiet space with limited distractions. This can be seated on the floor with a mat, a chair, lying on a bed (be careful to not let this exercise turn into an unintentional nap) or even standing. 

The goal is to be comfortable but also focused and alert. 

Your eyes can be closed, half closed, or focused on a single point. Limited visual stimulation is preferable so as to not distract your attention. Start by noticing your breath. 

Notice when you begin to inhale. Maintain your concentration through the entire experience of the breath. “Watch” as the breath enters your body, follow it into the lungs and then escort it back out through your nose or mouth. Breathing can either be natural or controlled, meaning you can either “just notice” as these processes occur or mindfully/consciously control them. Keep your attention focused on the actual process of breathing. Your mind will wander. This is not only completely natural, but very much an important part of meditation. Recognize that your mind has wandered, acknowledge where it has wandered to, and now return your attention back to the breath. Do this with self compassion, and maybe even with a little sense of humor. 

Mediation is not merely a state of mind but a state of practice. The distractions, tangents, and meanderings of consciousness and then the mindful returning of attention back to the breath IS meditation. Do not worry if your mind is not a tranquil lake of equanimity. Meditation itself is the journey.

Attentional Meditation Concentration

Choose a focal point-your breath, a candle, sounds. Simply notice when your mind has wandered off, then bring your attention back to your focal point.

Grounding Mindfulness Meditation

Just Notice. This can be done at any time and in combination with any activities. The more your practice Mindfulness, the more it will become just part of your everyday existence. Notice your breath. Notice the sounds in the room. Notice all the sights. Notice your body and how it feels. Notice your thoughts and emotions. Notice any smells.

RAIN Meditation

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Recognize-Notice what you are feeling/thinking/struggling with/what is weighing on you

Allow-Allow your thoughts/feelings to be there. Allow doesn’t mean condone or encourage. Allow/accept just means to be present with what is/with reality/with each moment.

Investigate-What led up to this struggle, what is the context, what are your secondary feelings about it, what do you want/wish for?

Nurture/Non-attach-Realize that you are not your thoughts/emotions/behavior. Create some space by experiencing yourself as an observer of your own processes. Nurture yourself with loving-kindness, forgiveness, and/or compassion.

You can practice with Tara Brach’s video below.

BOTH/AND Authentic Gratitude Practice

Acknowledge something you are struggling with, but also find and name something you are grateful for. Example: I am feeling sad right now, but I am also grateful for my loved ones. Or I am feeling both angered and frustrated but also grateful to be alive and for the opportunity to try to continue to grow. Or I am feeling overwhelmed, but thankful for the space and ability to be able to process my feelings.  

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