Psychiatric medication Management

You want access to all of the available options. Psychiatric medications can be a powerful bridge to connect you to your goals.

Our Approach


Holistic Psychiatry

We can also discuss or recommend other evidence-based treatment options with you including: 

  • supplements, 
  • products or devices, 
  • stress reduction techniques, 
  • exercise, 
  • nutrition, 
  • sleep hygiene, 

  • meditation, 
  • mindfulness, 
  • yoga, 
  • breathing exercises, 
  • or other lifestyle interventions.

Adult Psychiatry

Psychiatric medications can be an important intervention, even life-saving, in mental health treatment. However, they are best utilized within a comprehensive treatment plan along with lifestyle interventions.

By themselves, they are not a cure, but they can be a valuable tool to help you to achieve and maintain mental health and wellness.

Utilizing psychiatric medication is a personal choice, and we are here to empower you with information.

We will work with you on the following:

    • Decide if medication is the right choice for you at any given point in time.
    • Review and decide what medication option(s) are the best fit for your symptoms and needs.
    • We will review with you the risks and benefits of medication treatment as well as other treatment options.
    • We will help guide you through the process of stopping or changing medication as appropriate.
    • We begin this process with a Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluation and thorough Bio-Psycho-Social History. This allows us to look at the whole picture. This is why we spend extra time at the first visit.


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