Sara Robertson, pmhnp

“I find great fulfillment in helping people get relief from their suffering. My patients are more than just brain chemistry. They’re people with a past. I honor whatever journey they’re on and support them toward whatever destination that inspires them.”
~ Sara R.


Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner-BC

You’ve arrived. It’s wonderful to meet you! 

At A Path to Wellness, we take a radical view of psychiatry. You see, you’re here because you’ve had a life that, when fully understood, gives the context for your pain. Whether it’s anxiety, depression, or sexual health problems, your symptoms make sense in the context of your life.

Our philosophy is to take the time to understand your history, to support you using the tools of psychiatry and psychiatric nursing, as well as psychotherapy, and to find solutions and strategies that fit within your life.

Perhaps you’re radical, too, and have come to realize that you deserve better when it comes to getting help for your mental health. We aim to be that something better! 

Let’s get started on your path to wellness.

You deserve a bulldog when it comes to advocating for your mental health. Our clients expect nothing less. They want us to bring a realness to sessions and ensure that progress is happening.

Consequently, we offer a unique approach to psychiatric care. Unlike many prescribers who make the clock the center of attention sessions, we take the time needed to develop a workable treatment plan that fits your unique needs. 

You can trust that your vital issues will be addressed and QUICKLY! We want to help you get to where you want to go as fast as possible.

That’s what makes us unique!

Why I Love What I Do

"Everyone deserves to feel like they belong."

Reignite that flame!
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“At A Path to Wellness, we recognize you deserve strategies that reflect your own unique set of circumstances. We strive to identify where you want to go while honoring where you’ve been.”

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