Overcoming Sexual Dysfunction through Sex Therapy

Sexual dysfunction can have a significant impact on an individual’s mental and emotional well-being, as well as their intimate relationships. Whether it be a lack of desire, difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection, or painful intercourse, these problems can leave people feeling frustrated, ashamed, and alone. However, it’s important to understand that sexual dysfunction is […]

The Power of Couples Therapy (From Conflicts to Connections)

Couples therapy is a type of counseling that helps partners understand and resolve relationship problems. Whether a relationship is just starting out or has been established for many years, every couple can benefit from therapy at some point. Couples therapy helps partners communicate more effectively, resolve conflicts, and work through difficult issues in a safe […]

Discernment Counseling for Couples on the Brink of Divorce

Couples Not Happy

Couples on the brink of divorce face a difficult and confusing time. They feel uncertain about repairing their relationship and overwhelmed by negative emotions, unsure about the future. Discernment counseling offers guidance, support, and a safe space to work through issues for couples in challenging times. Why Couples Counseling doesn’t work for Divorce-Ambivalent Couples Discernment […]