Exploring New Dynamics in Relationships: A Couples Therapist’s Perspective

Diverse Couples

Renowned couples therapist Orna Guralnik shares insights on changing relationships in The New York Times Magazine. Guralnik shares a virtual therapy session with pandemic couple Syl’violet and Matthew in 2020. She uncovers deeper issues in their conflicts, highlighting the transformative power of understanding each other’s perspectives. This article examines societal influence on couples’ dynamics and […]

Effectiveness of Talk Therapy: A Comprehensive Analysis

Effectiveness of Talk Therapy

In her late 20s, Susan Dominus found herself in a state of confusion and sought the help of a therapist. Back then, therapy was still seen as a last resort for the excessively troubled, and Dominus felt embarrassed about needing it. Despite the financial strain, she recognized the comfort and self-awareness therapy provided her. Today, […]

Psychotherapy: Safe Haven for Emotional Healing and Development

Psychotherapy: Safe Haven for Emotional Healing and Development

Are you looking for a way to address emotional, psychological, or behavioral issues? Psychotherapy, also known as talk therapy, may be the solution for you. With the guidance of a licensed mental health professional, this form of treatment has helped countless individuals achieve greater wellbeing. Discover how psychotherapy could benefit you on your journey towards […]

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