ED Empowerment: Dr. Tom Murray’s Game-Changing Sex Positions

In an exclusive exploration by David Hopper on Giddy, renowned sex therapist Dr. Tom Murray takes center stage, unraveling the intricate dynamics of managing erectile dysfunction (ED) through strategic choices in sexual positions. Delve into the profound insights shared by Dr. Murray as he guides readers through a transformative journey of intimacy, providing expert advice […]

Exploring the Intricacies of Sexual Interest: A Deep Dive

Sexual Interest

“Are you more interested in showing up as sexually interested or more interested in being sexually interesting?” ~ Dr. Tom Murray In the realm of human emotions and desires, the intricacies of sexual interest often spark curiosity and contemplation. This article delves into the fascinating dynamics of prioritizing sexual interest over being sexually interesting, unraveling […]

The Hidden Dangers of Sexual Inactivity: Why You Should Prioritize Intimacy.

Sexually Inactive

In a recent interview with Dr. Tom Murray, AASECT Sex Therapist and author of Making Nice With Naughty, Lara McGlashan shed light on the impact of not being sexually active on men’s health in her insightful blog post titled “Not Having Sex Could Cut Your Life Short. Here’s Why.” Let’s delve deeper into the comprehensive […]

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