A Path to Wellness: Where emotional health, sexual health, and intimacy meet.

Choose your Path

Compassionate Care. Results Oriented. 

You’ve struggled for a while. You’re tired of promises of quick fixes, especially those that ignore the truth: Your life is complicated. 

You want your time and money spent wisely on guidance that reflects your individuality. You want solutions that matter and that improve your sense of personal and relationship well-being. And, isn’t that really the key to happiness: Wellness!?!

How do you get there? You’re unique and your situation is complicated. You need approaches that acknowledge where you’ve been and where you want to go. You want solutions that consider your many roles, as well as the environmental and social factors impacting these roles. 

Cookie-cutter approaches don’t work for you. If they worked, you’d not be here.

What you need are a trusted guide and a clear path. That’s where we come in.

How Our Path became A Path to Wellness

A Path To Wellness began for people like you: someone searching for solid guidance toward living a healthy, authentic, and empowered life. The profession is full of providers who focus on the question of “What’s wrong with you?” You want a provider who’s more interested in “What’s right with you?” 

Your journey deserves support from guides with a true wellness orientation and who are Team You! You want providers who trust your wisdom about what’s right for you to define your path’s destination. 

We offer an array of paths to support mental health, sexual health, and relationship wellness. Many roads can take you there.

With a clear endpoint, select a path and a provider to help you better connect to yourself, your values, your heart, your emotions, other people, the world, your spirituality, and to each moment.

Take that in! Imagine it. It’s within your grasp!! You’ve taken the first step.

emotionally focused couples therapyYour service options include psychotherapy, relationship counseling, sex therapy, Discernment Counseling, and classes.

You choose the path that works for you. Different paths, same destination: Wellness.

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