A space to tell your story. To focus on your self-care without the static and noise of having to consider others’ needs.


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You’ve been through the wringer. Life’s thrown you curveball after curveball. You’ve gotten your fair share of bumps and bruises, too. The weight of it all feels too much. You feel the slow creep of anxiety, depression, and/or problematic coping strategies growing. It’s clear that something has to change.

Sure, you can talk to your friends, but you’re worried that they can’t stay neutral; more, you’re afraid you’d burden them. You’ve tried the “quick fixes,” read tons of self-help books, and explored alternatives. You’re a complex person living a complex life; you need options that mirror your unique reality. You want someone who will guide you along the Mind-Body Path that takes a wholistic view of your life situation.

Whether you’ve seen multiple therapists over the course of your life, or you’re a newbie to self-exploration, your therapist is ready to walk next to you towards creating a life that’s meaningful and fulfilling.

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